Getting married

With many couples currently in the process of planning for their ‘big day’, it is an important time to discuss your current financial situation, financial histories and long-term goals.

Discussing your financial situation with a Financial Services Partners Adviser will help you define your aspirations as a couple. It also ensures that you are equipped to deal with any unforeseen circumstances that may arise within the marriage. In addition to the wedding expenses, you and your partner will need to consider a number of financial planning issues to ensure you both have a happy financial life together.

A Financial Services Partners Adviser can help you. You don't have to make financial decisions by yourself.

They will assist you with advice on:

  • understanding your current situation
  • identifying your individual and mutual financial and lifestyle goals
  • determining your current income needs
  • preparing a budget
  • managing debt
  • starting a savings plan
  • growing your investments and superannuation, and
  • protecting your income and assets through personal insurance.

Your Financial Services Partners Adviser will work with you to develop a financial plan that's specifically tailored to both of your needs. They will evaluate your current situation and take into account your future financial and lifestyle goals.

If you're ready to start your combined financial planning, we can match you with a suitable Financial Services Partners Adviser who will be happy to begin working with you to create a financial plan that's right for you.

To get started, please use our adviser matching service.

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