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Market Wrap - September 2016

Published 8 September 2016 Download Icon
Download Market Wrap - September 2016

Market Highlights - September 2016

• Share markets moved higher as complacency rose
• Bond yields moved higher but central bank liquidity limited the rise
• Slowdown in Chinese industrial growth points to risks for commodity prices



Keeping in Touch - August 2016

Published 20 August 2016 Download Keeping in Touch – August 2016

Election update: how will your finances be affected?

Now that the election has been finalised, here we look at some of the new government’s policy changes that could have an impact on your financial situation.

Keeping in Touch - July 2016

Published 12 July 2016 Download Keeping in Touch – July 2016

Are you on track to enjoy your retirement?

For many people, the decision around when to retire can be one of the most exciting, yet daunting, times of their lives.

There are a number of strategies you can employ now, whatever your age, that may help you fulfil your retirement dreams.

Market Wrap - July 2016

Published 12 July 2016 Download Market Wrap - July 2016

Market Highlights -  July 2016

  • Share markets dropped sharply in the hours post Brexit and then rallied strongly
  • Brexit is a medium-term challenge but has reinforced the long-standing trend of lower yields
  • Market expectations have shifted towards US rates being on hold for an extended period