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Financial Services Partners releases a monthly editorial, a monthly economic update and a quarterly newsletter for clients and contacts of our advisers.

The monthly economic update takes a look at the latest issues affecting local and international markets.

The quarterly edition of 'The Key' keeps you up to date with the current hot topics in the world of financial planning and personal wealth management. The current and topical areas of advice we look at can include superannuation, investment, retirement, wealth protection through insurance, redundancy and estate planning.

In addition, we also release a special Budget edition of 'The Key' newsletter shortly after each Federal Budget is announced each year.

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Keeping in Touch - September 2015

Published 10 September 2015 Download Icon
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Starting small with personal insurance

For many people, personal insurance is something they think they will never need. But the reality is, many do. 

The Key Newsletter – Spring 2015

Published 3 September 2015 Download The Key Newsletter – Spring 2015

Issue 48 of the latest market insights from Financial Services Partners includes:

  • Wealthy retirees to be hit hardest by the pension changes
  • Young parents need $1 million of life cover
  •  Don’t be distracted by Greece, it’s all about China 
  • Tending to your wellbeing will let you be more present in all areas of your life

The Economic Update - August 2015

Published 17 August 2015 Download The Economic Update - August 2015

Market Highlights - August 2015

  • Developed market economic growth is becoming more synchronised
  • Global shares rebound on a Greece solution although emerging markets struggled
  • Bond yields rallied as global growth concerns resurfaced
  • The US dollar (USD) rose in the month as the Fed looks to lift rates later this year 

Keeping in Touch - August 2015

Published 10 August 2015 Download Keeping in Touch – August 2015

How financial planning works

Looking to plan for the future and want to get some financial advice?

Some people don’t know where to start or what to expect, but the process is very simple and could help you to change your financial future!